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Convenient Loans for Gold

Gold is the global standard for everlasting value. With its beautiful appearance and potential to offer financial stability even in the worst of times, in theory, it has universal appeal. However, in practice, gold items typically end up lining our cabinets and cupboard more often than our wallets.

While your gold itself won't pay off your bills or finance a dream vacation, its cash equivalent might. With our gold loan service, you get a loan based on the value of your item., rather than selling your gold belongings. This gives you immediate cash, without forcing you to part with sentimental or otherwise valuable items.

Rate Matching

If a competitor offers a rate that beats ours, be sure to let us know so we can match it. In an effort to ensure that your gold receives the highest quality care, we match any and all of our competition's rates. When you choose our shop, you can rest assured that we give your gold the royal treatment, keeping it secure and handling it with care. Try us last!

Gold Chain