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We’ll Buy Gold in Indianapolis, Indiana

Your Gold Is Valuable — Now Make It Work For You

Gold — it’s the global standard for everlasting value. It has universal appeal, has a beautiful appearance and offers financial stability in even the worst of times.

At least, it does so in theory. More often than not, though, it ends up lining our cabinets or cupboards without offering much to our bank accounts. Your walls might be painted with gold, but does it help you pay your bills or afford your health insurance? Can a gold platter purchase a summer cruise or a timeshare in Florida?

Maybe it can’t, but its cash equivalent could. Our service is simple: instead of selling your prized valuables, you can get a loan based on their value, and we’ll hold them as collateral. You get the cash you need right now, and you get your items back in perfect condition as soon as you’re able to pay for them.

We’re the oldest and most reliable pawn shop in Indianapolis, having catered to our city’s high-end community since 1946. We’re experienced in dealing with gold and other valuables, and you can be assured that any of our transactions will be handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

We’ll Meet the Competition Cent-for-Cent

If a competitor offers a rate that beats ours, mention it to us, and we’ll match it.

We’ll do that because we care that your gold receives the highest-quality care in Indianapolis. You can be certain that only the owners are handling your possessions and that you’re getting the best service for each ounce of precious metal that leaves your pocket.

Trust us — we have the resources on hand to give your gold the royal treatment. Whether you’re selling it to us, pawning it through us or buying it from us, we’ll give you an unmatched level of service.