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Sell or Buy Jewelry in Indianapolis, IN

We Have Your Estate Jewelry Covered

Not all jewelry is created equal.

Over the past 70 years, we’ve seen estate jewelry of all sorts, and we know how to figure out its longstanding market value. Whether it’s a Victorian brooch or a pair of Art Nouveau earrings, we’ll give each piece of your masterpiece collection the service it deserves. Don’t fret about losses or damage — our professionals have been in this trade for a lifetime.

We know how to keep your jewelry shining for decades to come. Through our pawning services, you don’t need to worry about selling your heirlooms or your heritage for a bit of cash. Instead, we’ll offer you a cash loan based on your item’s value and hold your item as collateral. You get the cash you need right now, and you’ll get your valuables back as soon as you’re ready to pay the loan.

Secure Storage for the Discreet Customer

It’s not easy to part with your diamonds, gemstones, gold, silver or platinum.

That’s why we secure all of our most valuable assets and items in an off-site storage facility, safe from the dangers of inventory mishandling and property damage. You don’t need to worry about shop break-ins or a compromised storefront — once your valuables are in our hands, we take those risks out of the equation.

In addition, we offer a lifetime item holding policy. Provided you meet your small minimum payments, we’ll hold any item for you for life, keeping it secure and in good condition.

It’s easy to fret about your valuables when they’re in someone else’s hands, but your worries will be put to rest when we’re involved. Our seven decades of experience give us confidence and expertise in keeping the most exquisite property safe.